Welcome to the Second Edition of Adventures of Maldives Video Competition


About The Competition

Show Them Maldives Through Your Camera Lens

Adventures of Maldives is the largest participatory video competition in the Travel & Tourism Industry of Maldives. We aim to showcase unique aspects of nature and culture of Maldives through this competition. We define “Adventures of Maldives” as conventional adventure-related activities in the Maldives such as scuba diving, island excursions, festivals, free diving, surfing, snorkeling, watersports, etc. and also unconventional adventure-related activities in the Maldives, the likes of which, we leave up to your creativity and imagination for definition. If you think Maldives can do better in showcasing what it has to offer for the visitors, this is your opportunity to show it to millions of people across the globe.

Read The Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions to ensure successful participation.


You must fill in your personal information and submit supporting documents. Maldivians must submit a copy of their National Identity Card (front and back of the card). Foreigners must submit a copy of the particulars page of their passport. Click here to start the registration process.


Once the registration is complete, you may upload one (1) video that meets the following requirements:
Video duration: 60 seconds or less.
Video quality / Resolution: 1080 HD or higher
Video file size: 700 mb or less

That's it!

1st Place

Naaid Ali

2nd Place

Ahmed Fazeel

3rd Place

Marek Marzejko

4th Place

Ishan Hassan

5th Place

Hoodh Ahmed Ziyad

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